What is Anycast?

April 9th, 2013

I’ve never found a really simple video on what exactly Anycast is with a basic examples when exploring the concepts.  I decided to lab it up and figured this might help some of you starting out with the concepts.  Any comments feel free to let me know!

Config Attached for IOS lab HERE.

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  1. Simon comments:

    I’ve being doing some research on Anycast for an exam. After watching your video wouldn’t the Anycast node diagram on slide 1 make more sense if it used the node closest to the sender?

  2. Giorgi comments:

    Hi Scott.
    Thank you, for your anycast video.
    Here is my question, how are you able to announce same public ip address with different BGP ASes?
    Can you please provide some configuration samples of anycast here or via email?

  3. Giorgi comments:

    I have implemented anycast by using IBGP, simply having two ibgp routers with their respective downstream ebgp neighbors and on those ibgp i have for example loopback 8, with ip address, and this address is announced to ebgp neighbors to both of this ibgp routers. Do you think this is a correct approach?

    Thanks in advance, for your answers

  4. Giorgi comments:

    Just found Lab files. Thanks a lot.

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