The Bucket List


Life seems to pass by so quickly. My goal is to squeeze as much as I can into it, be able to look back and be proud of all the things I’ve managed to accomplish. This list is my Bucket List. A list which defines my aspirations for the time I’ve got left here. I’m making this list publicly accessible in the hope some of you can say “I can help you with this” or “I’d like to do this with you”. Life be in it! :)

This list is ever growing and changing

The List

  • Sky Diving (done twice) (Completed again 2012)
  • Hang gliding (Completed 20th December, 2012)
  • Bungie Jumping
  • White water rafting down a natural river
  • scuba dive the great barrier reef
  • Sit under a tree watching clouds pass underneath
  • CCNA Certified (Completed early 2012)
  • CCNP Certified
  • CCIE Certified
  • Fly a plane (Completed early 2012)
  • Skydive Solo (Completed late 2013)
  • Fly a glider
  • Learn to Kite Surf
  • See something majestic
  • ski down a double black run at Perisher with confidence
  • Play flight of the bumblebee on Piano
  • write a piece of music people can really appreciate
  • See the Aurora Borealis
  • Walk on a glacier
  • Visit the Maldives
  • See flowing Lava


A new life goal is to set and try and achieve a little challenge every year. The current challenges have been/are:

  • 2012 – NO coffee
  • 2013 – Enter a gym at least 2 days a week
  • 2014 – Learn “Pirates of the Caribbean” (Jarrod Radnich version) in what little time I have

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