Automating VLAN changes for ESXi Switchports in Cisco IOS.

January 29th, 2014


At the organisation I’m currently working for, we recently experienced what appears to be a common issue, VLAN’s trunked down to ESXi nodes were inconsistent.

In our DC, we’re still running the old school Cisco Catalyst switches.  If we were running a fabric, or Nexus switches we could put port profiles to action or if we lucky enough to have some equipment running Junos <3 we could be using apply-groups for this.

Being stuck with 6500’s in the DC as our L2 platform (and a VSS for the L3 MPLS PE) this is a quick little hack job to automate configuration changes across switchports in Cisco IOS based on dynamically finding ports that are matching an interface description.

In our DC, we have a bunch of switches (defined at the top of this script) and all our switchports that go to ESXi switchports that should have this template applied are matched on the interface description containing ‘ESXHOST’

This relies on the python EXScript module

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throttling guest internet on Apple Airport Extreme

December 18th, 2013

I’ve been happily running my Apple Airport Extreme as m home router for the past few years (since my debian router died, and I’ve been too lazy to replace it).  One of the cool features was the ability to create a guest network (SSID) to access the internet without being able to access your trusted network.  One feature I wanted was the ability to throttle the speed guests can access the internet at.  While I couldn’t do this with the Airport Extreme alone, Add a Juniper SRX100 into the mix that the awesome Cooper Lees gave me into the mix and problem solved.


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What is Anycast?

April 9th, 2013

I’ve never found a really simple video on what exactly Anycast is with a basic examples when exploring the concepts.  I decided to lab it up and figured this might help some of you starting out with the concepts.  Any comments feel free to let me know!

Config Attached for IOS lab HERE.

My experiences of managing a Cisco switch with Puppet

December 8th, 2012

One recent pet gripe of mine has been having to add a new VLAN into our datacenter for our vSphere platform.  Not that I trust my DCs switches with puppet just yet, this is a proof of concept post about how we could be using puppet to centrally manage this configuration and push it out across our DC.

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Address Book For the Blind

November 8th, 2012

This article is about using the Asterisk PBX and exploiting Google’s voice recognition API built for voice search in Chrome to build an address book that technology inept people (my grandmother) can use to place cheap telephone calls over VoIP.

This tool is built for my grandmother; a lady who has macular degeneration making her legally blind.  She doesn’t want to invest a great deal of money in this solution or have much of a learning curve, it took long enough to get her using the two button audio book solution on the iPod.   Read more »