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Ed Levin is a county park in Santa Clara, California. This will always have a special place in my heart, being the location I learned to fly back in 2018 with Lift Paragliding.

It’s rather special to see how the site changes over the year, from a luscious green site over the rainy season, to a golden yellow throughout the rest of the year.

The site is often referred to as “Sled Heaven”. It is only recently that I’m feeling comfortable with later launches to work on increasing my flight time, and then the site doesn’t work with too much of a north component in the wind.

The site is run by Wings of Rogallo, and provides a few different launches:

  • Bunnny slope 50’ training hill
  • 300’ launch
  • 600’ launch
  • 1750’ “top” launch

My goals for this site are:

  • Ed to Mission
  • Ed to Mission and Back

Enjoying the feeling of my first wing from the 300 foot launch Enjoying the feeling of my first wing from the 300 foot launch

Bethany taking a flight from the 1750 Bethany taking a flight from the 1750

flying site Flying site Google Earth KML

Duration: 34665
Recorded Flights: 101
#LocationDateDurationMax AltitudeAltitude GainWingComments
234Ed Levin2022-09-20435374123BGD EpicTASK
233Ed Levin2022-09-201652758633BGD EpicTASK
231Ed Levin2022-06-04728708104BGD EpicTASK
194Ed Levin2021-09-1150766728BDG EN-BHike and …
190Ed Levin2021-07-102652323160BDG EN-B
189Ed Levin2021-07-05360BDG EN-BForgot …
188Ed Levin2021-07-05360BDG EN-BForgot …
178Ed Levin2021-05-151672790518BDG EN-B
177Ed Levin2021-04-2427337991191BDG EN-BI believe …
171Ed Levin2020-11-24936719194BDG EN-B
169Ed Levin2020-11-1237532988BDG EN-B
168Ed Levin2020-11-1212726712BDG EN-B
167Ed Levin2020-10-2434432023BDG EN-B
166Ed Levin2020-10-2423232129BDG EN-B
165Ed Levin2020-10-1724531947BDG EN-B
164Ed Levin2020-10-1724931929BDG EN-B
163Ed Levin2020-10-1738832937BDG EN-B
143Ed Levin2020-01-0452867218BDG EN-B
142Ed Levin2019-11-2477866561BDG EN-B
141Ed Levin2019-11-2438531552BDG EN-B
119Ed Levin2019-10-2627831926BDG EN-B
118Ed Levin2019-10-261603184BDG EN-B
117Ed Levin2019-10-2651631458BDG EN-B
116Ed Levin2019-10-19881677233BDG EN-B
115Ed Levin2019-10-1369063684BDG EN-B
114Ed Levin2019-10-131919327248BDG EN-B
113Ed Levin2019-09-292125885923BDG EN-B
107Ed Levin2019-08-0462967068BDG EN-B
106Ed Levin2019-07-2863867648BDG EN-B
105Ed Levin2019-07-2157467343BDG EN-BVika's …
104Ed Levin2019-07-2171067959BDG EN-B
103Ed Levin2019-07-0724932243BDG EN-B
102Ed Levin2019-07-0734032244BDG EN-B
99Ed Levin2019-04-281200BGD Epic MJesse …
97Ed Levin2019-03-1790BGD Epic MP3 Spot. …
96Ed Levin2019-03-1690BGD Epic MP3 Spot
95Ed Levin2019-03-1690BGD Epic MP3 Spot
94Ed Levin2019-03-1690BGD Epic M
85Ed Levin2019-01-27180BGD Epic M
84Ed Levin2019-01-27180BGD Epic M
83Ed Levin2019-01-27180BGD Epic M
82Ed Levin2019-01-27180BGD Epic M
81Ed Levin2019-01-27180BGD Epic M
80Ed Levin2019-01-27180BGD Epic M
79Ed Levin2019-01-26180BGD Epic M
78Ed Levin2019-01-26180BGD Epic M
75Ed Levin2018-12-09240BGD Epic M
74Ed Levin2018-12-09420BGD Epic M1750!!!! …
71Ed Levin2018-10-21240BGD Epic M
65Ed Levin2018-07-28230BGD Epic M
64Ed Levin2018-07-28230BGD Epic M
63Ed Levin2018-07-22230BGD Epic M3 failed …
62Ed Levin2018-07-15120BGD Epic MWorst …
61Ed Levin2018-07-15120BGD Epic M
60Ed Levin2018-07-14180BGD Epic MLight with …
55Ed Levin2018-06-16240BGD Epic MKeep an …
54Ed Levin2018-06-10240BGD Epic M600 intro. …
45Ed Levin2018-04-2290BGD Epic M
44Ed Levin2018-04-2290BGD Epic M
43Ed Levin2018-04-2290BGD Epic M
42Ed Levin2018-04-2290BGD Epic M
41Ed Levin2018-04-2190BGD Epic M
40Ed Levin2018-04-2190BGD Epic M
39Ed Levin2018-04-2190BGD Epic MSpeed bar
38Ed Levin2018-04-2190Training
37Ed Levin2018-03-3190Training
36Ed Levin2018-03-3190Training
35Ed Levin2018-03-3190Training
34Ed Levin2018-03-3190Training
33Ed Levin2018-03-3090Training
32Ed Levin2018-03-1290Training
31Ed Levin2018-03-0790Training
30Ed Levin2018-03-0790TrainingMore tips …
29Ed Levin2018-02-0490Training
28Ed Levin2018-02-0490Training
27Ed Levin2018-02-0490Training
26Ed Levin2018-02-0490Training
25Ed Levin2018-02-0490TrainingRear riser …
24Ed Levin2018-02-0490TrainingStabilo …
23Ed Levin2018-02-0490TrainingBig ears
21Ed Levin2018-02-0390Training
20Ed Levin2018-02-0390Training
19Ed Levin2018-02-0390Training
18Ed Levin2018-02-0390Training
17Ed Levin2018-02-0390TrainingSpot …
16Ed Levin2018-02-0390TrainingReverse …
15Ed Levin2018-01-3190Training
14Ed Levin2018-01-3190Training
13Ed Levin2018-01-3190Training
12Ed Levin2018-01-3190Training
11Ed Levin2018-01-3190Training
10Ed Levin2018-01-3190TrainingStabilo, …
9Ed Levin2018-01-2790Training
8Ed Levin2018-01-2790Training
7Ed Levin2018-01-2790TrainingStart …
6Ed Levin2018-01-2360Training
5Ed Levin2018-01-2360Training
4Ed Levin2018-01-2360Training
3Ed Levin2018-01-2360Training
2Ed Levin2018-01-2360Training
1Ed Levin2018-01-2360TrainingFirst …