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Mussel Rock

Duration: 111669
Recorded Flights: 37
#LocationDateDurationMax AltitudeAltitude GainWingComments
193Mussel Rock2021-08-03240BDG EN-BForgot …
192Mussel Rock2021-08-03900BDG EN-BForgot …
191Mussel Rock2021-08-03900BDG EN-BForgot …
187Mussel Rock2021-06-113017114283BDG EN-B
186Mussel Rock2021-06-103245159897BDG EN-B
185Mussel Rock2021-06-0565131571983BDG EN-B
176Mussel Rock2021-04-0345252521146BDG EN-BHowever, …
175Mussel Rock2021-04-034425193974BDG EN-BIncredible …
174Mussel Rock2021-02-1151422251186BDG EN-B
173Mussel Rock2021-02-102367221543BDG EN-B
172Mussel Rock2021-02-094275219916BDG EN-B
170Mussel Rock2020-11-223691261804BDG EN-B
161Mussel Rock2020-09-0348802061218BDG EN-B
160Mussel Rock2020-09-013691183813BDG EN-B
155Mussel Rock2020-06-132533123BDG EN-B
154Mussel Rock2020-06-135728277891BDG EN-B
153Mussel Rock2020-05-185620238946BDG EN-B
144Mussel Rock2020-01-041917209426BDG EN-B
101Mussel Rock2019-05-027320BGD Epic M
100Mussel Rock2019-04-306000BGD Epic M
98Mussel Rock2019-03-217320BGD Epic M
93Mussel Rock2019-03-034260BGD Epic MStarted to …
73Mussel Rock2018-10-213120BGD Epic MToo …
72Mussel Rock2018-10-216300BGD Epic M
70Mussel Rock2018-09-156000BGD Epic MHad the …
59Mussel Rock2018-07-083300BGD Epic MLaunch …
58Mussel Rock2018-07-084200BGD Epic MRidge …
57Mussel Rock2018-06-22600BGD Epic MBit of …
56Mussel Rock2018-06-2290BGD Epic MSled
53Mussel Rock2018-05-0890BGD Epic M
52Mussel Rock2018-05-0890BGD Epic M
51Mussel Rock2018-05-0890BGD Epic M
50Mussel Rock2018-05-0890BGD Epic M
49Mussel Rock2018-05-0890BGD Epic M
48Mussel Rock2018-05-0890BGD Epic M
47Mussel Rock2018-05-0890BGD Epic MToo liught …
46Mussel Rock2018-04-281200BGD Epic M