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Sand City

Duration: 52772
Recorded Flights: 17
#LocationDateDurationMax AltitudeAltitude GainWingComments
184Sand city2021-05-301800BDG EN-Bforgot …
159Sand City2020-08-057735-8929BDG EN-B
158Sand City2020-07-245008441189BDG EN-B
157Sand City2020-07-24293015472BDG EN-B
156Sand City2020-06-1410828111272BDG EN-B
152Sand City2020-02-23297442542BDG EN-B
151Sand City2020-02-2326309240BDG EN-B
150Sand City2020-02-22363043721BDG EN-B
149Sand City2020-02-22400431781BDG EN-B
148Sand City2020-02-22140548242BDG EN-B
147Sand City2020-02-16392542696BDG EN-BFinally a …
146Sand City2020-01-2647038272BDG EN-B
145Sand City2020-01-260REMOVED. …
69Sand City2018-09-08300BGD Epic M
68Sand City2018-09-08300BGD Epic M
67Sand City2018-09-08300BGD Epic M
66Sand City2018-09-08300BGD Epic MFirst time …