Scott O'Brien

Home networking is back

Created: 11/7/2010, 1:09:51 PM

so, since I had the scare with my Asterisk VoIP box being hacked and a telephone call to Antarctica having being made, I decided to do something about it....

My home network now consists of my D-Link Wireless router being put into Bridge mode, with all services pretty much turned off on the thing.

My internal network is I plan to sub-divide up this address space later, but for now, I'm pretty much just keeping it in one big heap until I set up my servers and want to separate them further from the wireless workstations, for this reason though, I'm keeping my setup pretty simple all pretty much in a space..

Anyway, I'm doing what I should have done a long, long time ago. I've set up iptables to block all traffic (except ICMP for now, and ssh inbound.)

I'm being a bit lighter on resources on this cheap little router. The FIT PC I'm using dnsmasq for DNS and DHCP.

Plans for the future. I want to have a pool of ipv6 addresses that my DHCP server can assign and make them publicly addressable through some ipv6 trunk somewhere. That'd be pretty sick.