Scott O'Brien

New Network

Created: 12/29/2010, 12:32:55 AM

so I've moved back home with the family now. One thing I've been meaning to do is to digitise my life and get set up on the cloud. I think it'll be really basic to start off with. VPN access in to my home network, firewall everything off, then create a few layers of the network.

The issue is that I want to go paperless. I want to set up a ZFS Fileserver to store and snapshot all my data with remote encrypted backups of important documents and the like. I want to make sure hackers can't get in and take any of this data of gain access to the network. The problem is my DS still needs access with WEP to go on the net. I'm thinking of splitting my network into two subnets. One for wireless and one for wired devices and just add things like the printer and ssh access to the fileserver through the firewall to access the LAN subnet..

I'll be blogging the setup of my new computer, my fileserver and home network setup. Before I can really dig into this though, I need to get my study set up.