Scott O'Brien


Created: 9/13/2021, 12:00:00 AM

After working at Facebook for 5 years, we get to have a recharge. (think of it long service leave). 4 weeks of break which I added 1 week of PTO with.

Day 1 (Saturday 11)

Today was an absolutely amazing Paragliding fly day.

Day 2 (Sunday 12)

Bit of a headache. Slept in a bit. Decided to start planning my trip to hopefully catch up with Cooper on the way towards SLC. Spend the night near a national park, perhaps spend the following day there before ending up at SLC on the Wednesday (before my flying day on Friday)

Caught up with Palak and Smiral for dinner, mostly talked food and eating. Exciting about doing a cooking day with them both. Seems that we're sharing a new hobby of gardening now.

On the note of gardening, I started looking into hydroponics a bit more. I found a video saying airoponics was having better root systems, then discovered you can use fog, and went down a rabbit hole of reading about using Piezo's to resenate water at a point to produce fog. I think I'll go with Hoocho's method of a Dutch bucket system and try and have that all setup by Janurary to start tomato growing.

Day 3 (Monday 13)

Was a very lazy day today. It mainly consisted of packing and researching more about my hydroponics system. I plan to start my journey on Tuesday. Baked some crackers for an easy dinner.

The hydroponics system I want to build is to take advantage of some gravel area on the side of the house. Tomatoes grow better in bigger systems and I'd love to build something against the fence for strawberries and lettuce.

I'm thinking a flood and drain system for strawberries, NFT against the fence for lettuce, and a dutch bucket system for the tomatoes. I found Hoocho's guide for dutch bucket systems, but will need to figure out a frame to build.

Day 4 (Tuesday 14)

Drive, see Cooper in Tahoe, burger, stay at Ely, mexican for dinner, the old pump gas station

Day 5 (Wednesday 15)

Hike in the national park. Kind of like mars. Trees that are 3,200 years old. Ended up at hotel not too late. Messaged Harry

Day 6 (Thursday 16)

Flying at point of the mountain in the early morning, catching up with Harry. Big cafe breakfast, Had a nap, Point of the mountain north flight in the evening.

Day 7 (Friday 17)

Course, interesting. Lots to consider.

Day 8 (Saturday 18)


Day 9 (Sunday 19)

Day 10 (Monday 20)

Slept in, decided to head to Monroe this day.