After crashing my RC Plane I decided to experiment with the flight controller using the cheapest possible RC planes I could build. I bought foam board from Dollar Tree. Having the free designs from Flite Test (I’m using their Simple Cub), it quickly became apparent that printing out the designs, cutting, lining them up, gluing, cutting takes hours and hours to cut out a design. I want a CNC machine to do either laser cutting or sawing to save this time. … »

Finding overlaps in address space

We have an interesting problem at my workplace, we have an MPLS VPN design for separation of security zones (e.g., staff from students.) and we don’t have MPLS support on our edge. With a L3 to the edge design though this means that while every edge switch has its own address space (per VRF), it also has a /30 uplink (once again, per VRF) back to the PE device. While this (rightly or wrongly decided) slightly more complicated design in itself isn’t a problem, I’ve been working on programatically putting all of this data into an IPAM (IP Address Management) solution. … »

What is Anycast?

I’ve never found a really simple video on what exactly Anycast is with a basic examples when exploring the concepts. I decided to lab it up and figured this might help some of you starting out with the concepts. Any comments feel free to let me know! Config Attached for IOS lab HERE. … »

My experiences of managing a Cisco switch with Puppet

One recent pet gripe of mine has been having to add a new VLAN into our datacenter for our vSphere platform. Not that I trust my DCs switches with puppet just yet, this is a proof of concept post about how we could be using puppet to centrally manage this configuration and push it out across our DC. Before We’ve got a pretty basic topology going on in our DC, it’s just a VSS with the other switches pretty much being nothing more but layer 2 for the most part. … »