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Created: 6/10/2023, 12:00:00 AM
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A friend of mine made fun of me for re-writing my website so many times, the latest iteration this time around is in NextJS. It moves my old Hugo blog to a new React, Tailwind CSS website with Typescript.

This is probably the third iteration of my website. The first was back in first year university where I setup a LAMP stack to host a Wordpress blog on a cheap $2/month VPS. Of course, I stopped paying at some point and didn't have a backup of the database, so all content was lost. After some time, I decided that all of my content is static, so I went through a process to move all of my content to static markdown files and went down the Hugo route. Hugo worked great! My wife still uses it for her website which is just a blog. My problem is, a blog is only one part of my website. I had built these big complex pipelines for importing my paragliding flight logs, and, it was just not pleasant to use, so I found I didn't.

NextJS has an "external" deployment method, meaning I still get to generate static HTML/CSS, which is a goal for my site.